Why You Should You Care

While Web3 "dApps" have some on-chain assets, most processes are centralized with censorable backends and trusted communication. For all data to be on-chain, every game interaction, submitted form, and blog comment would cost several cents, require three MetaMask interactions, and induce agonizing seconds of delay before a user could escape back into the internet. With low userbases, applications cannot afford to allow even more user attention away from their core product and towards the frictions of the blockchain.
Ontropy has created a no-compromises alternative for certain applications, using zero-knowledge proofs. Built on the philosophy of state channels, like the Lightning Network, users are able to bundle an unlimited number of session transactions into two on-chain clicks. This means that between buying-in and cashing-out, the users are able to reach peer-to-peer finality at the speed of their internet connection for the price of electricity.
What would have been dollars of gas and minutes of lost time, users now trustlessly engage in fully on-chain applications in the experience they are accustomed to in Web2. This is how Web3 onboards the first billion users.