Why Ontropy

If you are a game, social network, and DeFi application, Ontropy can eliminate your user's session gas fees and latency. If you use a paymaster, these fees will disappear as well as Ontropy does not just abstract costs away from the user, but removes them entirely. Ontropy will also cover the small "cash-out" requests so that users must only open their EOA and pay to enter the app, and never again. If the user already has tokens deposited in the contract, the virtual balance will initiate without any user interactions at all.
If your game previously required wallet interactions to buy in, place bets, move, collect items, trade, and cash out, these unlimited possible transactions are removed to leave only the already required buy-in transaction. This allows allows all of your game interactions to become decentralized, if your game developers had previously chosen a more centralized approach to build an early working version.
Ontropy works best with dApps that have continued interactions in one session. If this is the case for your protocol, you could see gas fees drop by over 90% and latency reduced by 99%. Wallet interactions, which distract attention away from your app, will fall to 0. This not only increases game engagement, but also attracts new Web2 user bases who can enjoy your application with no unnecessary pain points.
Ontropy is also super easy to integrate, with our Virtual Rollups SDK compiling in under an hour. Furthermore, our technical team will walk you through your necessary functions and any questions you have.
Additionally, Ontropy has between 2,000-4,000 available community testers at any time that earn ORB rewards for securing our product. These testers will also join the network to play your game and use your application, giving accepted products a boost in users and visibility.